Happy 2011 ~ You Are So Worth It

Well, it's here. 2011. This HAS to be SO much better than 2010, right? What a year that was... For the new year, I've added a little something to my animal portraits and their related products.

You are, you know? All that love, money, life force you give away every day to your family, friends, animals... heck, the whole world, as you separate your recyclables and research eco-friendly products.

As much as we love others, we need to save some room in our hearts for ourselves! We give so much, we need to make sure our own needs, physical, spiritual, etc., are worked into our schedules as well.

Do what it takes to keep your own heart fire burning. Don't forget to love and do for yourself while you're out there taking care of the world!

It's easy to undervalue ourselves, as we're barraged by headlines of world shaking accomplishments, awards, and people we know who 'seem' to have it all over us. Most of them don't, they might just not be as good at downplaying their achievements!

In my favorite dream ever, a beautiful man held my head in his hands and told me, "You are so worth it!" I woke up feeling wonderful and wrote it down.

I have it framed on my desk where it reminds me every day that I'm a good person, that I do good things, have a generous heart, and that I'm worth - and need - a things for myself now and then... Time, a treat, a new job, a new life??

We all need to be reminded to go for what we want, what we dream of, what we deserve. You are so worth it, too!

I made this coffee cup, travel mug and magnet for myself, but you can also use them at home and at work as a daily reminder of the beautiful person you are - or give them to someone who needs to be reminded that they're awesome! I have more items coming.

So let's hear it for you! And do something nice for *yourself* right now, and have a great 2011!

I have no idea why I sound like a little girl in this video. LOL.
I have a deep voice when I talk to people. ; )


CindyLu's Muse said...

lol...that's your kitty voice!!
What a fantastic sentiment - and oh, so important reminder to ourselves!
Happy New Year!!

Mariodacat said...

Awww Cokie - you are so very cute. We just loves you buddy.

Judi said...

Too sweet! Happy New Year!

Pam said...

Thanks for entering Weekend Cat Blogging!

Cat vs Guinea Pig said...

Happy New Year to you too, cute little furr ball.