Black Cat Appreciation Day ~ Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

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I'm thankful that I finally learned how to draw black cats, and that this portrait of @EddieBabyCat turned out so well. His Mom loves it and thinks it captures his mischievous personality perfectly. 


What's funny is that I donated a custom pet portrait to CATS for Cats, a celebrity benefit for Kitty Bungalow in Los Angeles earlier this month. I framed a print of this portrait and displayed it at the event as an example of my work, and one of the volunteers insisted I sell her the print! She says it looks exactly like her cat, Sugar Ray. 

Seriously, though, black cats have always gotten a bad rap, and are still viewed by some as 'bad luck,' therefore they're more difficult to adopt, and worse... In Great Britain and Japan, they're considered good luck! 
Let's give some extra love to these black beauties this week, and if you're looking to adopt, give the black cats a chance!