The Okey's Promise Art Auction is Live Now Til 6:59pm PDT Sept. 24!

This is it! The Auction is live! If you'd like to bid on my signed, framed inkjet print portrait of "Smokey" (AKA the wonderful and generous @smokey8 on Twitter), a gorgeous grey and white Tuxedo cat, go now to CHESHIRE KITTEN LOVES KARMA to place your bid.

Cheshire Loves Karma has recruited animal artists to contribute art works for two weekend auctions in support of animal artist BZTAT’s new public art project to bring awareness to the link between child abuse and animal abuse and the importance of the human/animal bond. This is the last two days of the auction.

"Smokey" 8x10" signed print in cool blue wood frame

I've signed the print with silver ink just above the blanket on the left side, along with my initial which is embedded in the print. I could customize the frame by adding a dedication, or whatever you like, also in silver ink...  ; ) 

Good luck!


Okey's Promise Art Auction

Cheshire Loves Karma has recruited animal artists to contribute art works for two weekend auctions in support of animal artist BZTAT’s new public art project to bring awareness to the link between child abuse and animal abuse and the importance of the human/animal bond.

The project is called Okey's Promise.

The auction will help BZTAT purchase art supplies, pay for studio space, and help her devote her time to working on the project. Auction purchase totals will also support her fundraising campaign on

I've donated a work of my own to the auction, a signed 8" x 10" inkjet print of an original digital painting of gorgeous grey and white tuxedo cat, "Smokey." Smokey is known on Twitter as @smokey8. The print is will be shipped at no cost to the winning bidder and includes a cool blue wood frame, as shown below.

The auction for "Smokey" is this Friday, September 23rd, 2011.
Other items will be auctioned on Sept. 22nd and 24th, below.

Sept. 22 Christmas Quilt by @maggietkat
Sept. 24 Hand Painted Silk Scarf by @pasikas
 Auctions to be held by comments left at
on the dates corresponding to the auction items.


Black Cat Appreciation Day ~ Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

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I'm thankful that I finally learned how to draw black cats, and that this portrait of @EddieBabyCat turned out so well. His Mom loves it and thinks it captures his mischievous personality perfectly. 


What's funny is that I donated a custom pet portrait to CATS for Cats, a celebrity benefit for Kitty Bungalow in Los Angeles earlier this month. I framed a print of this portrait and displayed it at the event as an example of my work, and one of the volunteers insisted I sell her the print! She says it looks exactly like her cat, Sugar Ray. 

Seriously, though, black cats have always gotten a bad rap, and are still viewed by some as 'bad luck,' therefore they're more difficult to adopt, and worse... In Great Britain and Japan, they're considered good luck! 
Let's give some extra love to these black beauties this week, and if you're looking to adopt, give the black cats a chance!


PepiSmartDog, Esquire

It is with great pleasure that I unveil my latest portrait, @PepiSmartDog ~ a legend in his own... actually in everyone's minds!

Pepi is a Twitter icon, a writer of some renown, inventor of #Mansequins and the creator of "Fierce Style." The official Poster Boy of The Animal Welfare League, Australia (AWLQ), he often appeared in the media representing the best of the Golden Oldies, until his physical demise in 2009, at the ripe old age of 18.

Not to let a little thing like death cramp his style, Pepi with his pram (stroller/buggy for us Yanks) has since become the official welcome wagon of The Rainbow Bridge, escorting new arrivals to their homes in the After Life, often with a grand ceremony on Twitter, which is of great comfort to friends and family.

He's also a top dog reporter at The Anipal Times (where my cat, Cokie, is the Editor in Chief), covering news, fashion and the goings on Over The Rainbow Bridge - and has his own 'Smart Dog Blog.' Today he's usually found at Twitter #PawPawties 'barktending' in the most outlandish attire imaginable, photoshopped just for the occasion.

In life, Pepi wore real clothes - suits, jogging suits, hawaiian shirts, etc. - every day. It only make sense to draw him in his favorite suit.

This is my tribute to my friend PepiSmartDog. I hope it makes you feel as good as it made me drawing it. Love you, dog.



Meet Morris

My first Ginger portrait!

Please allow me to introduce to you a mainstay of the Anipal kingdom, Morris the Cat.


Morris is an obviously handsome and debonaire Ginger Tabby with many Irish adventures he could share, but he's too much of a gentleman for that... He prefers to spend is twilight years snuggling with his humans and napping whenever the mood strikes - which is quite often! It seemed only fitting to capture Morris in his most comfortable state, upside down and inside out!



Black Pets Are The Hardest!

I've finally finished @EddieBabyCat's portrait. 
Eddie is a rambunctious young man cat most noted for zooming around Twitter @PawPawties.

I must say, I need more practice creating portraits of black dogs and cats. 
They are definitely the hardest to do! 

Eddie Baby Cat


Bijntje Bear Portrait ~ Snuggle Bear

I don't just do cat and dog portraits. 
Meet Bijntje, aka Snuggle Bear! 
He won a portrait at a Twitter #PawPawty.

@Bijntje is a very popular plush bear anipal who lives in Holland, 
and a very cute one, as you can see!

@bijntje's portrait


Business Cards

Click to enlarge.
Customize with your own pet - or other - images, drawings, photos, etc., on my Zazzle page, here (click on Business Cards). If you need assistance, email me at bohopets at, and I'll help you with your cards.

If you'd like to have your own pet's portrait done Boho Pets style, click here.

I have lots of different business cards: Business cards for my cat Cokie, for The Anipal Times, for my film production work, and general cards with my contact info, Twitter ID, etc., for friends and acquaintances. 

Have fun!


Art Auction For Japan Animal Relief - Winning Bid

A belated Thank You to Sue Dewey for the winning bid of $90.00 U.S. for my portrait of @Mariodacat in @cheshireK's Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief. 

Sue won Limited Edition signed print #2/5. We offered the other bidders the same deal, and @Autumnthedoxie took us up on it! Autumn won LE signed print #3/5.  

(Email me at info@bohopets, if you're interested in purchasing LE signed Mario prints #4/5 or #5/5!)

Thank you both so much for helping me raise $180 for's efforts to help the animals in Japan, and thank you to all the other bidders, as well. I'm honored!

If anyone would like a portrait of their own pet(s), info on how to order is here.


Art Auction For Japan Animal Relief

My good friend Robin is an artist and cat mom to Cheshire Kitten(@cheshireK). They are hosting The Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief on Cheshire's blog, Cheshire Kitten Loves Karma. The auction has already raised over $300 US for the pawesome World Vets organization. 

1st item in the Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief:
'Parasols for Japan' by @cheshirek's mom!
The auction will feature a new art work daily, indefinitely, so sign up for email updates on CheshireK's blog to be notified of each auction. It's a great way to support animal rescue efforts in Japan, check out or buy some great art, and/or learn about animal-loving artists. 

I donated a framed, matted Limited Edition print of my portrait of tuxie cat, Mario (@Mariodacat), signed and numbered 2/5. 

I presented Mario the first/original print at the recent #NipClub Pawty in his honor on March 3rd, 2011. 

This Mario portrait auction ends at 8:59 pm EDT, April 5.

From The Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief site:

Limited Edition 2/5 signed Mario Print
"As I told readers a few days ago, we have a very special work up first in this week’s auction. Yes, we’re kicking off round two of the Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief with a portrait of one of the pillars of the anipal community, Mario (@mariodacat on Twitter).
In addition to encouraging everyone in the anipal community on Twitter, Mario and his human mom are big supporters of animal rescue in their community, in particular of Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary in their home state of Wisconsin. Mario has also been instrumental in re-homing kitties all over the United States. Mario is a loyal follower of this blog and blogs himself on Mario’s Meowsings.

The artist — Cokie the Cat’s mom Kristin — is also an active member of the twitter anipal community. In addition to working in the movie industry, Kristin is a great artist. She also types for Cokie at his blog, Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider.

Kristin has donated the signed, numbered print of her portrait of Mario that we open bidding on today. The print is 5×7 and matted in an 8×10 black frame. This print is one of a limited edition of five signed prints, the first of which is owned by Mario himself.

The auction proceeds go to World Vets for their relief deployment in Japan. If you would prefer not to participate in the art auction but would like to support World Vets, head off to the donation page at the World Vets website. If you want to encourage the artists and bidders, we encourage you to leave comments with or without bids!
World Vets in Japan
The auction opens tonight and runs for 48 hours till 8:59 pm EDT, April 5. To bid on the portrait of Mario, leave a comment with your bid. Opening bid is $25. Please bid in increments of $5 or $10.

Bidders, enjoy yourselves and remember that you are giving to two causes at once. You give support to the relief workers in Japan AND to the creative work of our artists at the same time. AND you get a cool artwork for your own house."



Our hearts go out to all effected by recent events in Japan.

I was particularly touched by this video, said to have been sent out yesterday as a message from the Elders of the Hopi Nation:

100% of all royalties from purchases at my [Zazzle store] in the month of March will be donated to animal rescues in Japan. While you're there, visit my favorite stores and browse for all the items in support of Japan rescue efforts, most of which are donating royalties going toward these charities.

Zazzle is offering free U.S. shipping on most items for $50+ purchases through March 31, 2011 at 11:59pm. The coupon code is: FREESHIPFORU.

50% of the purchase price of my pet portraits for the month of March will also be donated to World Vets. 


New Portrait: MarioDaCat

@MariodaCat is a beloved Twitter anipal, being honored at tonight's Twitter #NipClub. For more info on what the heck a #NipClub is, you can check out this great page:

For the occasion, I created this portrait of Mario:

I've also added a line of MariodaCat items to my Zazzle store. Any profits will be split between animal charities and the care and upkeep of one particularly high maintenance Ragdoll cat. Scroll down to the next post for discount codes.
Doggie Tees
T-shirts (customize any way you like)

March Zazzle Sales

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Guest Blogger: KokoroPurrs

This was so cute I wanted to share it with the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop, so I'm tagging this post for the hop.  ; )

I've reposted this from @KokoroPurrs' awesome blog: KokoroKokoroPurrs is a ragdoll cat, like my Cokie the CatHe posted this on his blog on February 17, 2011:

The Hidden Truth (Anipals Anonymous)

It was my greatest fear. The fiercest dog, fastest car or meanest alley cat did not pose a threat as great as this. My mum, is an Anipal. 

I just don't understand how this happened. I am perfectly capable of communicating for myself. True, my furry paws do make it difficult to type, but I manage.  

Her hidden shame wasn't apparent at first, largely because it was hidden. Now that I think back, the signs were all there, plain as the whiskers on my handsome, blue eyed, pink nosed face. The occasional meow slipping into conversations with her friends. I noticed she stopped removing my hair from her clothes, then gradually, she started adding fake fur embellished clothing. Now, her wardrobe consisted of nothing but white fake fur. She began requesting that her meals were served to her out of my cat bowls, on the floor! 

I was left with only one option. Anipals Anonymous. A support group just for her and the thousands of others like her. What I don't understand is, what compelled her to become me? Was it my long whiskers, luxurious tail, or my gorgeous blue eyes? I bet it was the ear tuffs, they are my finest feature. Rest assured, I will be there for my mum. After all who will get my food, clean my litter box and play mousie fetch with me? 

A special thanks to Cokie the Cat for his guidance and support, and the bumper sticker!!!! Coolio ~^..^~

Thanks for the great post, Kokoro! For those who may not know, an anipal is an animal who tweets, blogs, or Facebooks (or a human who tweets, blogs, or Facebooks in the voice of their pet). If that doesn't make sense to you, you're not an anipal!

If it does, you might want to take a look at the ANIPALS ANONYMOUS paraphernalia - bumper stickers, address labels, t-shirts, magnets... on my Zazzle site at*

Any profit made from my art, Zazzle products, etc., is split between animal charities and the care and upkeep of one rather high maintenance Cokie the Cat. ; )


Mugs, Coffee Cups, Travel Cups...

Mugs, Coffee Cups, Travel Cups

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Combine items from any Zazzle stores for a total of $50 to get free shipping, using coupon code: FREESHIPFORU through March 31, 2011.


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