PepiSmartDog, Esquire

It is with great pleasure that I unveil my latest portrait, @PepiSmartDog ~ a legend in his own... actually in everyone's minds!

Pepi is a Twitter icon, a writer of some renown, inventor of #Mansequins and the creator of "Fierce Style." The official Poster Boy of The Animal Welfare League, Australia (AWLQ), he often appeared in the media representing the best of the Golden Oldies, until his physical demise in 2009, at the ripe old age of 18.

Not to let a little thing like death cramp his style, Pepi with his pram (stroller/buggy for us Yanks) has since become the official welcome wagon of The Rainbow Bridge, escorting new arrivals to their homes in the After Life, often with a grand ceremony on Twitter, which is of great comfort to friends and family.

He's also a top dog reporter at The Anipal Times (where my cat, Cokie, is the Editor in Chief), covering news, fashion and the goings on Over The Rainbow Bridge - and has his own 'Smart Dog Blog.' Today he's usually found at Twitter #PawPawties 'barktending' in the most outlandish attire imaginable, photoshopped just for the occasion.

In life, Pepi wore real clothes - suits, jogging suits, hawaiian shirts, etc. - every day. It only make sense to draw him in his favorite suit.

This is my tribute to my friend PepiSmartDog. I hope it makes you feel as good as it made me drawing it. Love you, dog.



Meet Morris

My first Ginger portrait!

Please allow me to introduce to you a mainstay of the Anipal kingdom, Morris the Cat.


Morris is an obviously handsome and debonaire Ginger Tabby with many Irish adventures he could share, but he's too much of a gentleman for that... He prefers to spend is twilight years snuggling with his humans and napping whenever the mood strikes - which is quite often! It seemed only fitting to capture Morris in his most comfortable state, upside down and inside out!