Black Pets Are The Hardest!

I've finally finished @EddieBabyCat's portrait. 
Eddie is a rambunctious young man cat most noted for zooming around Twitter @PawPawties.

I must say, I need more practice creating portraits of black dogs and cats. 
They are definitely the hardest to do! 

Eddie Baby Cat


Bijntje Bear Portrait ~ Snuggle Bear

I don't just do cat and dog portraits. 
Meet Bijntje, aka Snuggle Bear! 
He won a portrait at a Twitter #PawPawty.

@Bijntje is a very popular plush bear anipal who lives in Holland, 
and a very cute one, as you can see!

@bijntje's portrait


Business Cards

Click to enlarge.
Customize with your own pet - or other - images, drawings, photos, etc., on my Zazzle page, here (click on Business Cards). If you need assistance, email me at bohopets at, and I'll help you with your cards.

If you'd like to have your own pet's portrait done Boho Pets style, click here.

I have lots of different business cards: Business cards for my cat Cokie, for The Anipal Times, for my film production work, and general cards with my contact info, Twitter ID, etc., for friends and acquaintances. 

Have fun!