Portrait and Print Pricing

I've had a lot of requests for prints of existing pet portraits, and have revised my pricing to include purchasing prints.

Here is my new pricing schedule:
All prices $US, plus shipping fees, plus tax where applicable. 
I do not charge handling or packaging fees.

  • Unsigned unframed 8x10" prints = $20
  • Mini print with pet-themed frame = $25
  • Signed, unframed 8x10" prints = $30
  • Signed, framed, matted 8x10" prints = $40
  • Custom signed, unframed 8x10" digital portrait = $50 
  • Custom signed, framed, matted 8x10" digital portrait = $60
  • Gift Certificate for Custom signed, framed, matted 8x10" digital portrait = $75

Note: Prints for verified charity auctions will be signed and numbered for increased auction value.

See Orders and Pricing tab for more information.


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