Art Auction For Japan Animal Relief - Winning Bid

A belated Thank You to Sue Dewey for the winning bid of $90.00 U.S. for my portrait of @Mariodacat in @cheshireK's Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief. 

Sue won Limited Edition signed print #2/5. We offered the other bidders the same deal, and @Autumnthedoxie took us up on it! Autumn won LE signed print #3/5.  

(Email me at info@bohopets, if you're interested in purchasing LE signed Mario prints #4/5 or #5/5!)

Thank you both so much for helping me raise $180 for's efforts to help the animals in Japan, and thank you to all the other bidders, as well. I'm honored!

If anyone would like a portrait of their own pet(s), info on how to order is here.

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Mariodacat said...

I am humbled that pals wanted my portrait. So kind of you to offer it for such a good cause.